From The Dirty Lowdown:

Brackmann tells the story in gritty prose, using all the black keys to set a noirish mood across the bright, sunny beaches of Vallarta. The book is a thriller, with a romantic theme and borders on noir with every character being tainted by life, greed or their surroundings. Even Michelle is not untainted—what does she have to go home to? And despite her suspicions of (Daniel’s) drug dealings and cartel involvement she plays his lover, all the while planning to take the Judas silver to destroy him and save herself.

Brackmann writes in a hazy engaging way that languidly draws the reader in, while driving the plot with the abandon of a Tijuana Taxi Driver. A great writer can often tell a story with the words he or she leaves out, without all the details but by immersing the reader into the character of the characters and letting them finish scenes in their mind. Brackmann excels at this and as finally more and more of the main characters motives are revealed, to one degree or another, and the devils both the reader and the protagonist know and don’t know step into the light, we finally see that everyone is tainted but not everyone is evil.

From Indelible Inc:

I read this one in a single day — it is that riveting. Brackman has written a mystery thriller with an unusually normal heroine. Neither beautiful, athletic, nor skilled, Michelle is a 30-something widow trying to figure out her life on a getaway in Puerto Vallarta. An impulsive date sweeps her into a whirlwind of danger, intrigue, and drugs. She can’t trust anyone and she doesn’t know how to escape. At last — a real woman thinking and acting in a believable way in an extraordinary situation…

…With nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, she is manipulated by forces on two opposing sides. Or are they really on the same side? Are they good guys or bad guys? Nothing is sure in this tightly written, fast paced adventure. Brackman reinvents the usual suspicious characters with refreshingly new personalities and appearances. The plot works solidly from start to finish. Yep, Hitchcock would have loved this one.

This should be a popular beach read this summer — one that’s guaranteed to dissuade you from making bad choices due to frosty drinks. But unlike the book Michelle had in hand when she opted for that second margarita, you won’t want to put this one down…

…There’s drugs, thugs, black ops, conspiracies, murders, and much more to come. But you’ll have to read the book if you want to know more. And, you should read the book.

From Lene Kaaberbøl & Agnete Friis, New York Times bestselling authors of THE BOY IN THE SUITCASE:

GETAWAY draws you in with the immediate force of its sensuous atmosphere, its living and breathing characters, its riveting plot – and most of all, with its sheer believability. Did you ever get drunk on a holiday and do one or two things the guidebooks say you shouldn’t? Well, this is what it could have led to…