…GETAWAY was so good it kept me turning the pages and I finished it in one day. If you like thrillers with a plausible setting, realistic characters, and danger, then this is the book to read this summer.

Ms. Brackmann has a knack of creating characters that have faced trauma in their lives and as a result have become somewhat indifferent or ambivalent; and placing them in situations that forces them to pull on inner reserves and strengths to deal with it.

Case in point, Michelle Mason. Recently widowed, Michelle is facing, thanks to her dearly departed husband, social scandal and financial ruin—the end of the life she has become accustomed to. Puerto Vallarta was supposed to be a vacation and a time to reflect upon what she was going to do with the rest of her life. Instead, like Alice in Wonderland, she gets dropped down the rabbit hole into a world where nothing is what it seems to be. Drug wars, the DEA, and where good guys aren’t always good and trusting the wrong people can get you killed. Michelle’s journey pulls her out of her apathy and into fighting for survival against the odds where she can’t trust anyone but herself.

What follows is an edge of your seat, believable, tightly woven story of suspense and danger played out in the steamy underbelly of Mexico—where winning means you live.


It’s no wonder that Lisa Brackmann’s second blockbuster of a thriller is my favorite read so far for 2012…

…No one is who or what they seem in Puerto Vallarta, and Michelle is at the mercy of any event and person that she comes into contact with. Michelle doesn’t know who to trust and in fact, she trusts no one. As Michelle spirals into increasingly complex circumstances, she becomes more focused and more aware of her situation, gradually gaining more control over her life.

The expatriate American community is filled with characters and misfits, and there’s just the right sort of interaction with and exposure to the local population that adds authenticity and humility to the writing. The dump scenes are particularly well drawn. I really enjoyed the ending of the book, so ambiguous and fraught with possibility. It’s a perfect beginning to the second Michelle Mason thriller.


Tough, tense, trouble

…Lisa Brackmann’s Getaway doesn’t fool around getting to the action. I liked her characterizations–the tough, tense woman who struggles to stay a step ahead of trouble; Daniel, a man who is becoming distinctly less comfortable with his risky career choice; and Gary, a chameleon-like character who keeps the reader guessing about his motives.

The story is anything but predictable as it seesaws toward the end–an intense, action-packed adventure…

…Getaway is sharp, fast-moving, and a fine read.