Any Move At All


She’s baaaack….

Yes, I am playing music again. Details to come. But in the meantime, here’s one of my favorite Pickups recordings, “Any Move At All.”

Quiet Trouble

Underground Party

(Todd, me and Tony, after a set, some gumbo, and a few Sierra Nevada Pale Ales)

I thought I’d post a song that isn’t so political. This one was recorded in a hurry, but for the most part I like the way it came out. If I were going to change anything, it would be some of my lyrics, which seem a touch whiney to me now. But the tune has one of my favorite choruses ever, and features an amazing guitar lick by Tony Mandracchia!

Quiet Trouble

Goodbye 2011…Hello, 2012…

Here’s another song I wrote way back in, I dunno, 1990. It seems to suit the times we’re in now though…

Tony Mandracchia on guitar, Todd Tatum on drums, Dana Fredsti on backup vocals and castanets, me singing lead and playing bass…

All Falling Down

And now for something completely different…

So, I have this past. As mentioned on my bio page, at one point in my life I was conflicted as to whether I should be a rock star screenwriter or a screenwriting rockstar. Or possibly Secretary of State.

The front cover of our CD

Anyway, for a number of years, I had a band in Los Angeles, called the Pickups. I was the singer/songwriter/bassist. I played with some awesome folks, Tony Mandracchia, Todd Tatum and Dana Fredsti.

We played around town for over ten years. Had a lot of fun. Did some recordings, even. It was sort of pre-internet, or very early internet, so basically if you didn’t see us, or have one of our *gasp!* cassette tapes, and later, CDs, you never would have heard us.

Now, to quote the Six Million Dollar Man, we have the technology. And I thought it would be fun to share a little of stuff we did.

This song is the last song I ever sang in public. I sang it at an event in March 2003, a night of music at a club that doesn’t exist any more in Santa Monica, protesting the Iraq War. Heh. I wrote it long before that, but it still seems relevant enough.

“A tambourine in the wrong hands…is a dangerous weapon”