Cyber Monday Website Extravaganza!!!

New pages! New covers! Music! Prizes! Er, actually, I don’t know about the prizes. I guess I would have to have a contest of some sort for that. Any suggestions? I have an autographed copy of ROCK PAPER TIGER I could kick in. What I definitely do have is a lovely revamped website to reveal! […]

My Wayward Youth…

And now for something completely different…

So, I have this past. As mentioned on my bio page, at one point in my life I was conflicted as to whether I should be a rock star screenwriter or a screenwriting rockstar. Or possibly Secretary of State. Anyway, for a number of years, I had a band in Los Angeles, called the Pickups. […]

Returning to Earth…

(cross-posted on my blog, included here for the photos!) Greetings! Okay, that was a longer posting hiatus than I’d intended. But I think I’ve taken my last major out of town trip for the year, so, time for a catch-up. Bouchercon was awesome! What can I say? All the cliches about how writers spend all […]

Soho Criminals!


But first… The West Hollywood Book Fair is coming up on Sunday, Oct. 2nd. I’ll be there on a panel with some wonderful authors: Dianne Dixon, Tim Hallinan, Ryan David Jahn, and Thomas Perry, moderated by Wendy Hornsby. Our panel, on literary thrillers, is at 11:30, but there are great panels and events going on […]

I’m lovin’ it!

Upcoming Events!

This has been a busy year for me, both travel and event-wise. I just got back from New York (fantastic!) and I haven’t even written about my trip to Ashland yet (awesome!). But before I sit down to write anything complicated, here are the rest of July’s events (more detailed information on the calendar): July […]

Off to New York!

My house and cats are in the hands of a sitter, and I’m heading for NYC shortly on a red eye*, the excuse being that ROCK PAPER TIGER was nominated for Best First Novel in the Strand Magazine Critics Awards, and they’re throwing a party. I really don’t expect to win (I mean, look who […]

Crater Lake