New Reviews for ROCK PAPER TIGER

James Fallows is one of the best reporters out there on contemporary China—and he’s reviewed Rock Paper Tiger. To say I’m excited is an understatement: To add to the list of “good fiction set in modern China,” check out Rock Paper Tiger, by Lisa Brackmann. It’s a mystery/action novel that pretty much pulls off something […]

Launch Day!

It’s ROCK PAPER TIGER launch day, and I forgot to post. D’OH! And now that it’s here, I got nuthin’. I’m just incredibly gratified by the response the book is getting. Some of the stuff that’s going on… The book has been getting some great reviews, which I’ve been linking to on my Facebook page […]

Rock Paper Tiger (and me) in Publisher’s Weekly

Check out the Publisher’s Weekly starred review. A sample: “The China scenes are fast paced and strikingly atmospheric, and Ellie’s backstory—her and Trey’s return from combat is tough, sad, and endearing—is given in doses that perfectly complement the central action.” There’s also an interview with me in the same issue. You can read that here.

Book People are Nice People! (the latest in a series…)

Pardon the double-duty post, but I had to put this in “News” as well as the blog… I just received the most awesome blurb from author Nicole Mones. This was especially exciting for me because I loved her book, “Lost in Translation,” which when it came out, I thought was one of the very few […]

Kitteh! (and oh yeah, an ARC)

Laura Hruska

This is not the post with which I wanted to return to blogging, but so far this young year seems to be marked by loss. Laura Hruska, publisher and editor-in-chief of Soho Press, passed away this weekend. She was a cofounder of the press, profoundly shaping its strong and idiosyncratic vision. I never got to […]

Fuli Village

Suzhou – Shantang Jie

Kebab School

Well, this is exciting!

Soho’s Spring 2010 catalog is out! And guess who’s on the front page? Have a look! (this will take you to a PDF file)