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Well, this is exciting!

Soho’s Spring 2010 catalog is out! And guess who’s on the front page? Have a look! (this will take you to a PDF file)

ROCK PAPER TIGER available for pre-order…

So, yeah, I’ve been checking Amazon occasionally (daily) to see when my book shows up for pre-order without really expecting it to be there. I figured it would appear around the same time as the Soho catalog for Spring/Summer 2010. Tonight, as I was chatting with two friends in two separate chat windows, I idly […]

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Advance Praise for ROCK PAPER TIGER

“Rock Paper Tiger” is a splendid debut novel by a gifted new writer. Her Chinese setting is exotic and chilling, and the characters live and breathe. The story is smart and fast as a sports car. Keep an eye on Brackmann. — T. Jefferson Parker (THE RENEGADES, IRON RIVER) Read more here!