So…I have a new book coming out. Here is some info:

I am super-psyched and excited about this–to be working with the marvelous Terri Bischoff at Midnight Ink for one, and that the book is coming out on an expedited timeline, for another. “Black Swan Rising” is an explicitly political book — I’m not going to dance around this — and the fact that it will be published in advance of the Nov. 2018 midterm elections is incredibly appropriate. The book is about a lot of things–online harassment, misogyny, mass shootings, our polarized nation–and it all takes place in the context of a highly contentious political campaign.

(I swear I wrote the first chapter and pitch for this book in July 2014!)

Because all of this is happening so quickly (in publishing terms, this is light-speed, folks), I’ve already seen some cover comps, and they are awesome! As soon as the design is finalized, I’ll be back to show that off and to tell you more about the book.




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