Dragon Day doings…

Here’s my events schedule for the next couple of weeks (because it’s quicker than updating the calendar):

I’m celebrating the Dragon Day launch two days early (but there will be books), with Steph Cha at San Diego’s wonderful bookstore Mysterious Galaxy on Aug. 16 at 2 pm — and we plan to celebrate with some of San Diego’s finest brews, among other things. If you’re around, stop by!

I have a few more events scheduled in California as well:

Aug. 20, 7 pm, Book Carnival, with Steph Cha

Aug. 26, 7 pm, Janet Rudolph’s salon in the East Bay (write me at lisa@lisabrackmann.com if you’d like to go to this)

Aug. 27, afternoon-ish, I’ll be dropping into Book Shop West Portal and Books Inc. Laurel Village in San Francisco to sign copies — drop them a line to reserve yours!

Sept. 17, 7 pm, Chevalier’s in LA’s Larchmont Village, with Steph Cha and Elizabeth Little

Sept. 20, 3 pm, Mystery Ink in Huntington Beach, with Steph Cha

Sept. 20, 8 pm, Noir at the Bar Los Angeles, with James Ziskin, Neal Griffin, Sarah Chen, Danny Gardner and Jimmy Callaway!

More events TBD (I’m still on the fence about Bouchercon but I’m going to try to make it)

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  1. Marlene corner says:

    When will Dragon Day be an audio book

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