Off to New York!

My house and cats are in the hands of a sitter, and I’m heading for NYC shortly on a red eye*, the excuse being that ROCK PAPER TIGER was nominated for Best First Novel in the Strand Magazine Critics Awards, and they’re throwing a party. I really don’t expect to win (I mean, look who I’m up against!) but I’m thrilled to be in such fine company.

This will be my first trip to New York in years, and certainly my first trip as a published author. I figure, I’m getting a bit of a late start on this career, and I want to enjoy every moment of it. Well, the moments that don’t involve obsessive angst over comma placement and “like” versus “as if.”

I’ll be meeting with writer friends I know only from the interwebz, and I hope to visit some of the fine people I work with at Curtis Brown and Soho Press. Plus do a fair amount of strolling and sidewalk cafe sampling.

Can’t wait!

(*my eyes are already soooo red from the copy edits)

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