Waiting in my mailbox!

Books! From the UK! Check out the gold foil! Yes, it’s YEAR OF THE TIGER, aka ROCK PAPER TIGER. It’s a real kick seeing how different the US and the UK versions of the book are. The great folks at Harper did some really cool things with this version. I love the gold tiger on the spine and elsewhere in the book! AND you get a preview of my next book, DAY OF THE DEAD aka GETAWAY!

I have a mailbox address that’s about a half hour’s walk from my house, where I have things like this sent. I decided to check it today, and as usual, I walked — it’s a nice thing to do after sitting on the couch all day.* I was thrilled to see that I’d gotten a package. I was not, however, expecting it to be quite this big. So, a half hour’s walk home with a big box of books weighing 6.2 KG (that’s British for close to 14 pounds).

I feel well-exercised…

And I might just have to do some kind of contest…

*NOTE: the couch AKA my office

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