Another plague song…

So here’s the second song I mentioned, the first written entirely during the coronavirus lockdown. When I was writing “Elephant,” I didn’t think it was about the pandemic but I think it kind of is. I’ll probably do another mix of this to bring up the bass a bit and bring down the vocals at the end a little. And maybe even some live drums! Stay tuned…

Okay, here’s a better bass — I used my ancient Jazz bass and it just has such a great sound!

Once again, huge thanks to Tony Mandracchia for the awesome guitars and Dan Westrick for the technical assists!

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  1. cindy lamb says:

    Love this! Putting on some Harmony here in Louisville. I like the bolero approach! I’m going to listen to some more songs now. I am going to finish Rat by the end of the day but not before I order Chinese takeout for lunch. Have to period again, good to catch up with you. Lambo

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