I’m at Bouchercon By the Bay from Oct. 14 – 17, with a Soho Press kickoff party at the fabulous M is for Mystery — wine! cheese! mayhem! — on Oct. 13, with a bunch of other awesome Soho authors. You’re all invited.

I’ll be on a panel on Oct. 15 at 10:00 AM (I’d better set an alarm) with aforementioned Soho authors James R. Benn, Cara Black, Henry Chang, Jassy MacKenzie and Stuart Neville, moderated by Peter Rozovsky, and no, I’m not sure exactly what we’ll be talking about, but it ought to be fun, and I promise to be fully caffeinated. Grand Ballroom B!

There are so many great authors and wonderful events scheduled for the Bouchercon, and heck, it’s in San Francisco! If you have an interest in crime fiction, cable cars, and lots of parties, I highly recommend it. Tweet me if you’re around @otherlisa !

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