My mom, the adventurer…

My mom, the adventurer

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  1. Ariel Marie says:

    Is your mother the basis of Ellie’s mother in that series? I have a good friend who lost her arm in that war, and if Ellie’s injury had not been her leg and she were into animal rescue with a weakness for cats, she would be my friend to a T. Perhaps someday you two will meet. When I was a little girl, I longed to be like Ellie, perhaps start out in the military and go on to international intrigues like a female James Bond. As a 40 yr old I harbor dreams of being like Ellie’s mother (and yours?)…I was the only person I know who didn’t leave this small town and travel, and now I sharply long to take a run and find wings (and perhaps someone to share life with) in a foreign country. As my friend points out, I still didn’t have to leave to end up with PTSD. I’ve long wanted to write you and thank you for the realistic portrayal of life as a serviceman/woman and living with PTSD. Your sharing of that reality is a true gift and service to the world.

  2. Lisa says:

    Dear Ariel,

    No, my mom is very different from Ellie’s mom (and our relationship was quite different as well — we were very good friends!). And believe me, 40 is YOUNG! We never know what life brings to us but you still have time to travel and have some adventures — preferably the fun kind that don’t result in long-lasting emotional trauma.

    So glad you enjoyed the book(s) — and thank you for taking the time to let me know. My best wishes to your friend. I hope she is finding peace in her post-war life.

    And yes, cats help.



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